The world where your time, money and passion are your assets is the concept of this game.

What's MCH?

Time, money, passion for the game, the world that will be your assetso,

Gather historical heroes, raise them, and fight battles,

Worker placement type RPG game.

・ ・ The world that will be your property

There is no upper limit on the number of items issued by DVD, and you can not sell items.

There is a limit on the number of items issued at MyCri, and you can sell items again.

How to get started

  1. Download app
  2. Get MCH limited items with invitation code
  3. Belongs to Land and gives the game an advantage
  4. Backup required

1. Download app

FirstOfficial appDownload MCH from Compatible with iOS and Android.

My CLIP App-My Crypto Heroes
MCH App-My Crypto Heroes
Free download
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2. Get limited items with invitation code

After downloading, follow the steps below.Invitation codeAlso listed, so don't forget to receive the benefits.

2-1. "Welcome to MyCryptoHeroes"

My CLIP app startup screen
Click on "Start MyCrptoHeroes"
You need to set a password to use password. Remember that you will use your password on an important screen in the future.
Remember that passwords are often used in the future
Mykli Account Creation Complete
You will see this screen when you create an account.

2-2. "Start the game"

When you click the global menu MCH of My CLIP app, the game start screen is displayed.
Press the lower left "MCH" to display the top screen of the microphone. Click "Start the game"
Since a large amount of BOT has occurred before, it is necessary to authenticate with anti-BOT to use the microphone.
I'm not a robot, check out Sign in
Click OK
Click OK
Enter the password for the first set micri app
Enter your first password here and accept

2-4. "Enter invitation code"

It is a character creation screen of My chestnut. Enter the invitation code to get the character limited to Maikuri.

You can get limited characters by entering "kfdE" in InviteCode.
You need a lot of knowledge to play Mikuli. Let's understand through the guide.
Mykri's guide starts.
My cli top screen. Check for new arrivals and events.
It is a game screen of Mykuri.
The notification button immediately receives the benefits of the invitation code for invitation!
When you press the notification bell button on the upper right, you get 2 benefits!

3. Belongs to Land and gives the game an advantage

"Land" is like a country in Crypto World. This is a core function of MCH, where Land members work together and work hard to compete with other lands.

In the landTop X NUM X Names Are KnightIt is possible to become a knight and to be rewarded, so it is preferable to belong to a larger country if you are aiming for a strong person.

If you are a beginner, it is better to choose a land that is kind to beginners in planning that is implemented in the land.

Also, just belongGet the status up effect of a phantom beastYou can also do things.

(As of 3 / 14) We strongly recommend it to strong players and beginnersLIMEIt is a land called ". Because of popularity, there are 9 lands, but the entire 3 rate belongs.

3-1. "land"

It is a way to belong to the land.
Let's go and see the green frame of each image.

Click on the black banner.
It currently represents "Zentrale", a state that does not belong to the land.
Let's use the main function land of Mykri first. Affiliation to superpower LIME is recommended

Click the land of the menu
Let's click the superpower Lime
Less than 30% of the superpower Lime belongs to the whole.

3-2. "belong to"

LIME is a super-large country with a large number of gifts for beginners and about 30% of users belong to it

Let's belong to Lime, which has many advantages for beginners.
Scroll down to the Affiliation button.
Join and benefit from Mikeli
Click Join to complete affiliation.

4. Backup required

Maikuri is to play, such as heroes and extensionsAssetYou can get (items).

It is a mechanism that allows you to buy and sell items, which is a big difference with Gacha-gage, but if you forget to back up, you will not be able to restore, for example, when you change your phone or uninstall it.Always backuplet's do it.

4-1. "Asset" "Receive"

Let's do a backup so as not to GOX even if you get the property with much care
Click the "Asset" button below. Then click the "Receive" button above

4-2. "Back up Keystore"

Click OK
You also need a password here
Enter the password you entered first and back it up
Copy Key Store to Notepad etc
Be sure to back up this keystore.
Click backup
Since this is the screen for apple, let's save it in e-mail or notepad etc.
Let's choose how to save. Press Copy and save to Notepad is simple.
Good micro!


Introduction of benefits by entering invitation code

The invitation code is "kfdE".

2019.6.19. (Wed) 16~
Hero "Grim Brothers" (Replica)

Acquisition condition: Present to all persons who started MCH through "invited code" during the target period (up to XNUM X persons XNUM)

Period: 2019 Year 6 Month 19 Day (Wednesday) 16

Hero performance

Grimm brothers are heroes originally implemented in Uncommon, and if they receive damage, they are powerful heroes that confuse the first enemy on the counter.
I will update as soon as the details come out!

Replica Hero Present

[At the start of play]
The following replica hero (repC / Uncommon equivalent) 3 type is selected from 1 types.

Wright Brothers (Active Skill: Green Lease)
Spartacus (Active Skill: Red Strike)
Ishida Mitsunari (Active Skill: White Candy)

[At the time of 7 consecutive login achievement from the start of play]
The following replica hero (repA / Epic equivalent) 3 type is selected from 1 types.

Hira Shomon (Active Skill: Red Strike)
Billy the Kid (Active Skill: White Candy)
Caesar (Active Skill: Red Strike)

Hero "Naoki Son" (Novice)

Novice Hero "Naoki Son" present
If you have not joined MCH Prime during the campaign period, you will receive a Novice Hero "Shoko Son".

Is MCH different from the conventional Gacha Game?

The biggest difference between existing Gacha Game and MCH is item ownership and openness.

In the Gacha game, the items remained in the game and could not be sold outside or sold to anyone.

Items are on the block chain, so they can be bought and sold freely without being tampered with. (The trading method will be introduced separately.)

Also, the item type, the number of issues, and the owner are all public. Because the number of issues is fixed, there is no inflation of the item and it is possible to bring value to owning. (It is also possible to obtain a corresponding profit by selling it when there is demand from the surroundings.)

In the case of the existing achagage, the number of issues issued with probability was somewhat unlimited.

However, the number of issues for a particular item will end at a fixed number regardless of the number of users.

Is MCH e-sports?

There is a tournament in Mykri, but it is not an e-sport because there is no prize money.

However, it is possible to get a profit by selling it because you can get expensive items by winning the top prize.

In addition, if you can work as a knight, the game currency GUM will be paid every month according to the results.

As well as competitions, there are places where you can receive the quest of the node in the play of MCH.

So if you do a quest, you may rarely get an item (original extension).

This is also different from e-sports because you can buy and sell items, but many people can get items (assets) through game enjoyment, and in some cases, profit by selling Is also possible.

Can MCH earn?

The simple answer is "I can earn".

Of course, under various conditions, there are arguments that you can not earn.
・ No charge
・ ETH conversion or yen conversion
·Start time
・ How to play
There is nothing to lose if there is no charge, so if an item such as an extension is dropped, you will earn immediately.
However, in the case of a user who uses a certain ETH, whether it earned in ETH or earned in yen will change depending on the rate, and it will start before the player's surge until the start time If so, I think there will be gains from superiority while there is little competition.
In addition, as to how to play, there is also a so-called “Agriculture” that only searches for extensions with quests alone, “Ki” who earns rewards in flag battles and duel cups, “Ko” by production and sales of art edits, and heroes There are a variety of play styles, such as "quote", which buys cheap extensions and sells expensively, and various play styles, and earning may change depending on each method.
It can be consistently said that MCH is a new social game that does not seem to be a game, as it consumes in the end world rather than consuming like a social game, and gets assets with assets within one economic zone, and sometimes consumes It is the world.
Some people make money in the world while others try to enjoy it by consuming it.
Basically, most things remain as assets.

So, back to the beginning, the simple answer is to "make money."

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