MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) AGI Action Order Determination Complete Capture

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MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) An important status is AGI.

AGI is an element that determines the turn in battleThe following information is publicly available from the official.

Determine the hero's action order

All hero enemies participating in the battle increase their action value at the same time.
Move on to "1000.ActiveSkill Trigger" when the total action of any Hero Enemy is more than 2.

Action value increase value = XNUM X + AGI

At the same time, if the total action value reaches 1000 or more, the hero with a high total action value shifts to "XNUM. ActiveSkill Trigger".

If it is the same value at the same time, it will shift to "Activate XNUM X. Active Skill" in the order of team order → enemy team order.

Activate XNUM. ActiveSkill
Reset the total action value of the acting Hero Enemy, process it to 0 and then process the effects of ActiveSkill.
At this time, the Hero Enemy whose other total action value is 1000 or more inherits the total action value until the next action order determination. The same applies to heroes less than 1000.
In the case of an abnormal state that disrupts behavior such as confusion or sleep, AvtiveSkill is activated when the abnormal state is in place of the hero's ActiveSkill.

In other words,Total action value is 1000The order of action will be decided depending on how many rounds it takes to reach.

AGI value Round trip
More than 900 1 round
400 ~ 899 2 round
234 ~ 399 3 round
150 ~ 233 4 round
100 ~ 149 5 round
67 ~ 99 6 round
43 ~ 66 7 round
25 ~ 42 8 round
12 ~ 24 9 round
11 or less 10 round

Simple example of action ranking
(* Buffs, debuffs, and phantom effects are ignored)

Hero AGI value 1 round 2 round 3 round 4 round 5 round 6 round 7 round 8 round 9 round
Santa Claus 242 (example) 342 684 1026 attack 342 684 1026 attack 342 684 1026 attack
Wright brothers 152 (example) 252 504 756 1008 attack 252 504 756 1008 attack 252
Mori Ranmaru 88 (example) 188 376 564 752 940 1128 attack 188 376 564

When doing art editing or equipping extensions, calculate AGI and calculate at what number of rounds the action value will be accumulated in 1000,There is no need to waste AGI. (If AGI is on 899 rounds with either 400 or 2, you may not need to force it up around AGI400.)
In fact, considering the Einstein's AGI buff effect, the value of the ideal AGI is likely to change in order to advance the round.

Also, if you belong to the land, there is a phantom effect.
The AGI for Params (Param%) of the Phantom Beast is also added except in the Duel match, so be careful here.

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