MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) Land Features and 9 Land Introduction

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Adventure begins from belonging-feature of the land and introduction of each land

There are 9 lands at present and there is a king on each land

What is a land?

“Land” means Crypto World (MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) is like a country in the world of Putheroes. Land members (Rand owners and Rand members) work together to improve the value of land, gain profits, and challenge other lands.MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) A core function of the Pto Heroes ecosystem.

Land members:"Land owner" and "land member" (Refers to all stakeholders in the land)
Land owner:Load / King
Land member:Citizen / Night

MyCryptoHeroesWhen you start (MCH), the user starts from a state that does not belong to any land, but there are various merits by belonging to "land", that is, the nation.

1. Land node can be used

Each land has its own node (quest).
A dedicated node has land-specific extensions that can be acquired.

2. I can participate in the land battle

The Land Battle is, in other words, the war between nations and the selection of strong people for that war.
The war between nations is called "flag war", and it is a battle that matches the flags unique to the land.
As for the selection of strongmen in the land, a "night game" will be held in the citizen who belongs to the land, and the class will be assigned by victory or defeat.
It is possible for the top five "G5" to participate in the "flag game" with the final battle among the top ranked "nights".

3. GUM reward from Rand

In the above-mentioned land battle, "night rewards" will be paid to those selected as "nights".
The GUM to be paidMyCryptoHeroesYou can buy heroes and extensions in the currency used in (MCH).
Funds for knight compensation are distributed from GUM accumulated in the land called land income.
The principle is that you can earn more knight rewards by belonging to a land with many members.

4. You can get a phantom effect

Also called cryptides, phantom animals are unique to each land.
Details are detailed so please refer to the official.

Specifically, the following effects can be obtained.

— Team-wide PHY up (up to 20%)
— Team-wide INT up (max 20%)
— Team-wide AGI up (up to 20%)

—1 PHY attack damage up (up to 10%)
— 2INT Attack Damage Up (max 10%)
— Up to 3 HP Recovery (up to 10%)

It is a very powerful effect.

Introduction of each land (at 2019 / 6 / 6)

Primal four kings


Number of employees: 2518

Features: Land has been overwhelmingly large number of members since the implementation of the land until now. It is the most popular land of all lands, as there is a virtuous cycle of earning very large land returns to the city.


Number of employees: 1365

Characteristics: King has declared temporary retirement, but the land has the second largest number of people who have picked up. There are also many overseas users who belong, and it is expected that the number of employees may increase if the number of overseas users increases in the future.


Number of employees: 1316

Characteristics: A land that is a closed community, but has many mysterious lands that steadily form a community. Often King is often criticized, but he is also giving back to his affiliation.


Number of employees: 880

Features: King is a pipetMyCryptoHeroes(MCH) is operating a strategy site. manyMyCryptoHeroes(MCH) Users are well-known because they are taken care of by Pipet.
In addition, since many of their own character designs are produced and provided to members, they are popular with people who like anime and characters.

Five kings of the orgy


Number of employees: 1288

Features: KingMyCryptoHeroes(MCH) 's official adviser, a land that specializes in strength as a kingdom. King himself is very strong and is supported by many citizens because of his personality.


Number of employees: 932

Features: A country with only two kings. It is a balanced nation, with rewards for knights.


Number of employees: 717

Characteristic: King does not come out very much, but Maestro holds a gacha event and is full of traffic.

Meteor city

Number of employees: 557

Features: King very unique. By changing the player's name from time to time, we talk with the citizen, making full use of new methods to interact without using SNS.
In addition,MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) Because I enjoy different games regardless, there are a lot of strangers.


Number of employees: 424

Characteristics: A land with a lot of disturbance, where the king has changed twice. Although a new king was born now,

I'm not going to give benefit to the citizen at the moment either
Before exile to another country

Official Discord

It is a very exciting situation.

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